Enhance your natural beauty, Increase your inner confidence.

Permanent Make up


Eyebrow ------ 500    Retouch ---300

Eyeliner ------ 500    Retouch --- 300

It is especially beneficial to people who can't wear other cosmetics due to allergies and skin sensitivities.

Eyebrow Tint ------- 30

Eyeliner Tint ------ 35

Eyelash Perm ------- 40


Eyelash Extension -----100-120

Applying one lash at a time onto your existing natural eyelash transforms them into lush, beautiful, longer eyelashes. Enhance your natural beauty and amazingly increase your inner confidence.

Ear Candle Therapy ----- 35

Without discomfort, old ear wax and toxins are removed. The effect after treatment is a soothing pressure and pain relieving sensation, mainly in the ear and head regions.


Back Facial -----45 Min. 90

A thorough cleansing intended to remove impurities. Ideal for those prone to problematic skin and acne.

Sea Salt Scrub ----- 45 Min. 70

The beautiful high notes of citrus and peppermint aroma oil blended with purified sea salt removes flakiness and invigorates the skin.

Detoxifying Mud Wrap ----- 80 Min. 160

Highly effective on detoxification and water retention. This treatment leaves the skin soft and toned and energizing body condition.